Sparring at Warriors' Boxing and Fitness

I went down to Warriors Boxing and Fitness this morning to shoot some sparring so I can get my timing back for next weekend's show. I wasn't going to go, but I kicked my ass and went down there. I had a chance encounter with Alysha Sopoco and she gave me some great kicking pictures. In addition there were a lot of people at sparring this morning. Thanks to everyone who was out.

Flying side kick

Rob and Calvin Caron

Frank crushing the bag.

Leo waiting to get back in the ring and spar.

Sparring at Warriors

I went down to Warriors' Boxing and Fitness today to shoot some promo pictures for their upcoming show. While there, some good and lively sparring was taking I had to take pictures. It was a great morning of boxing, like my assistant said, it was a little like church in there today.

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Sparring at Boomerz

I dropped in at Boomerz Boxing Club in London, ON tonight to check out sparring. It was a quiet night so I got lots of opportunity to talk with Lawrence Boom about all things boxing. He's a man that has seen it all in the sport. He was the first gym owner to welcome me in to shoot pictures of his boxers and facility and I've come in many times over the past couple of years. Everyone at Boomerz is extremely welcoming. My friend and insanely talented photographer April Hutchinson came with me. It is always a pleasure watching her work.