Fitness Photoshoto with Demelo Fitness and Jenna

I was working again with Josh DeMelo of DeMelo Fitness and one of his clients, Jenna. Great client, great attitude and great physique, there’s nothing more than you can ask for. Here are just a few of the images we made that day.

Showing off her core.

Standard pose for showing off the back muscles.

Mirror images are always fun.

Beautiful Bicep

- Mark Ruddick Photography - My images are an exploration of the human body under muscle stress — understanding the body’s strength, flexibility, and power. Creating these images has given me a better understanding of the human form which has transitioned into my commercial fitness work. 

I am a London, Ontario photographer who specializes in fitness, bodybuilding and fight photography.

I love to tell stories as anyone who's worked with me can attest. That includes visual stories through photographs. Let me tell your story and provide high impact images of you to sponsors, agencies, family or just for yourself.