I have only good things to say about Mark. Very professional, time efficient, and produced some very epic shots. I worked with Mark for an implied nude athlete theme. I have never experienced this before, however Mark made me feel very comfortable during the whole shoot. After you have put in a lot of time and effort into your physique I highly recommend working with Mark as he will definitely highlight your features and compliment all that hard work.

I couldn’t be any happier with how my pictures turned out with Mark. We did a photo shoot with my German Shepherd Dog and came up with ideas together to make this a creative one. I loved Mark’s ideas as we put them to life and the pictures turned out wonderful! I want to thank Mark for welcoming my dog into his beautiful studio and thank his amazing team for a great job they did on my hair and makeup. It was such a great experience working with Mark and if I ever need professional photos done in the future, I know where to go

I wanted to record my weight loss and document the 6 month mark of a change in lifestyle. I saw Mark's images online and thought if anybody could make me look at my best it was him. What I wasn't prepared for was how Mark meticulously set up the lighting and gave me advise on poses to bring out definition in my body that I didn't even know I had. The images are truly remarkable and so much so that friends who see me regularly asked who photo shopped my head on to the body. It was the greatest compliment I have had that friends were in disbelief of how good I looked. I can't wait to reach the year mark and I hope to have Mark shoot that body transformation moment for me. Thank you Mark, you are truly talented and it was a pleasure.

I've worked with Mark a couple times now and I must say he offers the complete experience! He is such a pleasure to work with. He creates remarkable images and is a complete perfectionist when it comes to lighting and creating the perfect shots. He does a fantastic job with making the shots come to life and really feeling the emotion behind the image. I recommend Mark Ruddick to everyone!

Always a pleasure working with Mark Ruddick. His quality service, attention to detail and imagery makes him a great photographer to work with. From finding the correct angles,lighting,background or pose, you will be in great hands. Usually I'm observing or helping to direct from behind the camera, but was excited to work with Mark for my own needs last year.

As an actor, story creator and athlete, i am always cautious about going too far down a purely physical track in terms of public image. When it comes to combining art with action and physical conditioning, the balance can be thrown very easily. It was for this reason that i had been waiting to come across a photographic project like the one I did with Mark Ruddick. Here is a photographer that knew exactly how to balance the art and motion of the human form in a way that actually created something that wasn't gratuitous, but was very unique. Mark was a tremendous collaborator in that process as well, making a real effort to understand and capture the mood and
movement of his subject.  I highly recommend him as a photographer that can dig into the layers of his craft and land those serious action shots.

Working with Mark was an absolute pleasure. We had a couple's fitness shoot done, and Mark was none other than amazing. He was able to direct us clearly, set up his lighting and snap the shots so effortlessly. Mark's attention to detail coupled with his knowledge allows for a fun yet easy shoot. Mark is extremely efficient when taking his shots. From the moment we met Mark we felt comfortable with him immediately. He exudes professionalism. Such a pleasure to work with, we look forward to shooting with him again soon. We highly recommend Mark to any individual or couple looking for photography services.

I have worked with many photographers in the past and I can testify that Mark is a true professional. I call him the photographic genius. He knows all the lighting and angles to capture all details of the images. Mark has captured images which I have used for various submissions and have got great feedback from.

Boxing is behind many sports when it comes to promotion and that especially holds true in Canada. photographer Mark Ruddick has changed that. He has photographed numerous amateur and professional fight cards and has demonstrated that his creative eye for capturing great pictures allows them to stand alone as great promotional material or he can provide high resolution copies that look fantastic assisted with graphic design. I’ve used Mark numerous times and he should be your first thought when you think about professional action or portrait shots. Photos are underrated but in this age of social media, we all need constant fresh content and if you’re looking to step up your game, think Mark Ruddick Photography.

Mark Ruddick is an exceptional photographer; I was so fortunate to work with him after such a fantastic fitness journey. He was extremely professional, fun and inspired me to give that extra bit of awesome during my shoot. When I received my photographs I was blown away by his eye for detail and I could not believe it was me. I truly am blessed and will be forever grateful that I was able to work with Mark this summer; I highly recommend his expertise.  Thank you so much for all your time Mark and I look forward to working with you again in the future!


I normally don't like the pictures I see of myself and especially don't like to sit for portrait pictures, ever! By request of a friend, I went to see Mark for a quick photo shoot and I am very impressed and completely happy with the shots he took. Mark was very professional and produced the photos in a timely manner. I am totally anxious to work with him again at the fights. I just know there'll be some more great photos....and I'll have a different jacket on.

Having worked with Mark from the very beginning from Pro Mma events to amateur, Mark has been the most professional photographer I have ever worked with. His eagerness to please and prompt turn around on pictures is the sole reason he gets the first call when I'm booking my events. His work speaks for itself. Adding the professional look to all my work has been a key component to making my events look top notch.  Thank you Mark for everything you have done to help my business grow.

Mark's photography services have been beneficial to our success since the beginning of our amateur MMA promotion start up in early 2015. He is always creative, timely and catches the perfect shots. In addition to his great work he is easy going and all round great guy. I recommend him to everyone for all their fight photography needs. I hope to secure him for all of my future endeavors.

I’ve had the pleasure of commissioning Mark Ruddick for a fight-themed concept project, and I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. Mark has an incredible eye for details, combined his knowledge and creativity, as well as his background in the industry, the end-results exceeded all my expectations. The images managed to capture the subject matter perfectly. Having to have to commission them from abroad, Mark went above and beyond to make sure everything was set up perfectly from the get go for a successful shoot. Thank you Mark. It was a great experience overall, and I would highly recommend Mark for any future photography assignments.

I've known Mark for quite some time now. I have not only modeled for him but he's also a colleague of mine. He's a wonderful photographer and exceptional at lighting. He always takes the time to get to know his subjects before photographing them which always makes the photo shoot more comfortable and easy going and in the end the results are spectacular. I highly recommend him for editorial and especially for sports/fitness shoots which he's best known for. An all around incredible guy and photographer.

I've known Mark for quite some time now. I have not only modeled for him but he's also a colleague of mine. He's a wonderful photographer and exceptional at lighting. He always takes the time to get to know his subjects before photographing them which always makes the photo shoot more comfortable and easy going and in the end the
results are spectacular. I highly recommend him for editorial and especially for sports/fitness shoots which he's best known for. An all around incredible guy and photographer.

I had an absolute pleasure shooting withMark last weekend after my men's physique debut in London On. He's very talented in what he does, and he always makes sure that he's getting the right shot or angle. If you haven't shot with Mark yet, I strongly recommend him if you want to take your fitness modelling to the next level!

I have done multiple photoshoots with this photographer. Mark is punctual, easygoing and creative. Pays meticulous attention to detail in order to create the perfect picture. He manages to introduce new ideas and styles with each shoot. Producing fine artwork through his high quality photography skills. Overall great experience.

I just finished a photo shoot with Mark Ruddick On April 10th and I must say it was quite an enjoyable experience. Mark was very professional and courteous of the fact I was still depleted from competing the day before, and was more than accommodating. The shoot went great, I felt comfortable while shooting without anyproblems. I have just seen a copy of the images and I was incredibly surprised.  The quality was astounding and he captured the perfect angles and had proper lighting. I was extremely pleased with the finished product and had a great time. I will definitely be doing another shoot with Mark in the future and would recommend others to his services as you won't be disappointed!

I've worked with Mark twice now and he continues to impress me with his amazing eye for lighting and his guidance on how to move and pose in a way that is flattering for my body. On top of being a technically proficient photographer, he is personable and engaging; that magical combination of his skill and the model feeling comfortable to express him/herself is ultimately what results in a great shot. I'm looking forward to working with him again, and highly recommend him to anyone interested in professional photos

Mark Ruddick is an amazing fight photographer who captures the elation, the pain, the sacrifice and the devotion of the athlete who is striving to better himself in a sometimes brutal sport. I absolutely love his work.

It was an amazing experience working with you! Made things so much easier with the posing and different setups as I knew nothing about photo shoots. His professionalism is remarkable. At some point I couldn't believe it was me on the screen! What an experience. I would recommend him any time. Can't wait to do it again!

It was a pleasure shooting with Mark. He was very organized and professional. He showed so much passion and knowledge in what he does. It was a lot of fun trying out different poses and styles of photos. I was very impressed with how he used different lighting in various shots, that really brought out the quality of the picture. I left feeling excited and eager to see the finished product. Definitely looking forward to working with Mark in the future

If you are looking for a photographer that knows how to make you look good, while still having fun doing it you have to work with Mark Ruddick. He is a photographic genius in the fitness field and is a pleasure to work with. If you haven't had the honour of shooting with him you are missing out! His photography is top notch, you will not be disappointed with the results or the time spent shooting with him.

I have worked with Mark 4 times now  and have 2 upcoming shoots booked.  Mark shoots a wide range of images from fitness, to fashion to fights, offering variety for his clients and his portfolio.  His skill set in lighting is the best I’ve seen, and would highly recommend him for any type of shoot but most specifically for fitness and sports.  He always reaches out to clients ahead of time to coordinate ideas which in turn make the client more comfortable, allocates the use of time more efficiently, but also allows for a little freelance and impromptu pictures as well.   I can’t wait for my upcoming shoots and to see what creative ideas we can come up with.

I would like to thank my friend and photographer mark Ruddick for all the beautiful images. It was truly a pleasure to work with Mark. He really captures all the hard work we put in the gym, with great attention to detail. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a great photographer to work with and shoot some great pictures. Mark will not disappoint. Thank you again, look forward to working together in the future.

I've had the pleasure of being on the opposite end of Mark's camera multiple times... Whether he's creating lighting and capturing me from a perfect angle at a private photo shoot, or timing the perfect shot mid fight, his photo's never fail to be absolutely outstanding. He has the ability to create a story and memories that will last a lifetime in every picture he takes.

Mark Ruddick is an exceptionally creative photographer, willing to take the time to perfect each shot with his client. He makes you the focus of his time and energy while you are in his studio, and puts you at ease while he masters the lighting, angle, and mood to capture you at your best.

I have had a pleasure working with Mark Ruddick right after my bikini/figure competition in London . He is a great photographer, makes you feel comfortable and photo shoot easy going. He definitely takes his time to make sure client is happy with every shot. Very professionaland organized. Looking forward to work with Mark in the future. I would recommend Mark any time. Thank you for the experience and great photos!

Today was my 4TH photo shoot with Mark. He is super talented and very professional. I enjoy being on set because it is fun and comfortable. Thanks again for the great shots.