Beware of old men...

The saying goes "Beware of old men in professions when men usually die early." Entirely true in this case, a group of fine gentlemen that would lay you out if necessary. They give of their time to teach boxing and other assorted combat arts at Warrior's Boxing and Fitness. I finally pinned them down for a coaches portrait session and I am very happy with the results. The amount of knowledge, wisdom and lore that is in this group is really incredible.

Rob Caron, Owner, Head Coach / Warrior's Boxing and Fitness

Hollis, Wrestling Coach / Warriors Boxing and Fitness

Bob, Coach / Warriors Boxing and Fitness

Al, Coach / Warriors Boxing and Fitness

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- Warrior’s Boxing is London’s Largest Boxing Club with 4500 square feet of training space. Amateur & Professional Boxing for ages 7+, Males and Females. We provide competitive boxing, boxing for fitness, fitness classes, personal training. (strength, conditioning, weight loss, boxing 1 on 1, team and group sport specific training)