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London Open BJJ Tournament

I got to cover the London Open Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament last weekend. It was an extremely well run tournament and finished over an hour ahead of schedule. I was asked to capture the tournament and not just the fights, which is a little challenging for me as I’m usually hyper-focused on the fights. Below are the images I got for the day. I’m looking forward to covering their super fight series in November.

Two kids having a lot of fun competing.

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PFC 11 - Knock out Kidney Disease

A great night of fights from Prospect Fighting Championships. Domino’s Pizza dropped a huge check for the charity Knock out Kidney Disease. Cage side as always, I got some good pictures.

Domino’s Pizza, Dr. Faisal Rehman & Jamie Champion

Fight #1 - Teshay Gouthro vs. Hasmat Sarwary

Fight #2 - Chris Lee Byrne vs. Scott Lamont

Fight #3 - Seth Connor vs. Ryan O’Shea

Fight #4 - Gino Ghalehpardaz vs. Nick Kambasis

Fight #5 - Nate Ledger vs. Matt Dawson

Fight #6 - Joel Paquette vs. Colton Boxell

Fight #7 - Mike McAloon vs Michael Imperato