Pointe Tango in the Studio

Alex and Erin from Pointe Tango dropped by the studio a couple of weeks ago to play around with a few concepts. (Thanks guys) They are outstanding professional dancers who travel the world. I can’t wait to see their new show in 2019.

We started off with photographing Erin in her pointe & tango shoes.

Many shoes and many different poses.

Erin had a million different poses for these pictures.

Next we moved into some motion lifts. Alex is catching Erin in full jump.

Alex showing off all of his gym work with a one arm press of Erin.

- London Dance Photo - I am Mark Ruddick, an experienced photographer working in London, ON. I enjoy photographing dancers and really appreciate the athleticism and artistry involved. Coming from a fight photography background, I have developed my technique to capture rapidly moving subjects at high speed in front of the lens. The resulting instinct for timing fight photography has lead to an ability to capture my subjects at the peak of their motion in an artistic way.

Let me capture the photos that move you.

- Pointe Tango - is a new dance company directed by Alexander Richardson and features dancers Erin Scott-Kafadar and Alexander Richardson.  This contemporary company uses elements of Argentine Tango and Classical Ballet to explore a new dance vocabulary based on connection, improvisation and intention.