Contest Winner - John & Ontario Muscle

In October I teamed up with Ontario Muscle to have a contest with the winner receiving a free photo shoot with me. There were a tonne of great entries, so many so that we ended up choosing 2 winners for the contest. John and Lori both won. John came into the studio recently after his 2nd place finish in the bodybuilding division at the OPA 2016 GNC Allmax London Championships. Lori will be shooting with us next spring.

John came in and killed it. His poses were great, he held flexes forever and was super tight and vascular, not to mention huge. He said he really wanted to work on his back and legs coming into the competition and those ended up strengths for him. John had great size and symmetry in his development and his back looks just like a Christmas tree. In addition to all of that, John was a great guy to hang out with, fun to be around but a strong, quiet, determination.

Thanks to Ontario Muscle for promoting the hell out of the contest. They are a great platform for fitness and bodybuilding competitors and enthusiasts in the province. I'm looking forward to shooting with Lori in the spring as well.

 - Ontario Muscle is a platform whose sole reason for being is to promote those on a fitness journey in Ontario. The focus of Ontario Muscle ranges from those exercising and changing their eating habits for the first time to those entering the most prestigious of fitness related events. All deserve encouragement and promotion for the hard work they do each and every day!

- Mark Ruddick Photography is a full service London, Ontario photographer who specializes in fitness, boxing and mma photography