Fitness Photo Shoot with Classic Bodybuilder Mike

The stereotype is bodybuilders are dumb jocks. In my experience it couldn't be further from the truth. Most of the fitness people I have met and worked with have been smart, kind and thoughtful. Mike is a perfect example of this, he's in his Doctorate of chiropractic program and genuinely a nice guy and has a great physique to work with. I hear a lot of photographers talk about drama with their clients and models. I feel so lucky there's none of that working with fitness people and fighters. 

Mike came down to Showtyme fitness, a great hardcore private gym in London, ON for some gym pictures. It was the day after competition for Mike, who took home first place in his class, so we kept the weights low, shot slow and steady and had a couple of meal breaks. Mike hit the poses hard and had a real appreciation of where body building came from. When planning the session one of the guiding principles was "Think Frank Zane rather than Phil Health"

Mike had this to say about the shoot "Absolutely amazing photos and great man who takes pride in all aspects of his work. Definitely recommend to anyone who wants a photographer who will take the time to make them the best version of them self."

Mike doing some mirror poses at Showtyme fitness.

Mike doing some mirror poses at Showtyme fitness.

- Mark Ruddick Photography is a full service London, Ontario photographer who specializes in fitness, boxing and mma photography

Fitness Photoshoot with Randi

A short while ago I did a studio fitness shoot with Randi, who looks like this in the off-season. I've shot with her before and she always brings a very focused and polished package to the shoot. We shot again the next day and that set is being published at the end of the month. Randi was in great shape and really knows her poses. I look forward to photographing her again.

- Mark Ruddick Photography is a full service London, Ontario photographer who specializes in fitness, boxing and mma photography

Athletic Nudes with Michelle

Last year Michelle came into studio to photograph my Athletic Nude series. She was just off competition from the Ontario Physique Association. She was still lean and ripped from competition as you can see below. We had a lot of fun with this photo shoot and got some great images. She even got my hanging off the ladder shooting down for the push-up images.

Contest Winner - John & Ontario Muscle

In October I teamed up with Ontario Muscle to have a contest with the winner receiving a free photo shoot with me. There were a tonne of great entries, so many so that we ended up choosing 2 winners for the contest. John and Lori both won. John came into the studio recently after his 2nd place finish in the bodybuilding division at the OPA 2016 GNC Allmax London Championships. Lori will be shooting with us next spring.

John came in and killed it. His poses were great, he held flexes forever and was super tight and vascular, not to mention huge. He said he really wanted to work on his back and legs coming into the competition and those ended up strengths for him. John had great size and symmetry in his development and his back looks just like a Christmas tree. In addition to all of that, John was a great guy to hang out with, fun to be around but a strong, quiet, determination.

Thanks to Ontario Muscle for promoting the hell out of the contest. They are a great platform for fitness and bodybuilding competitors and enthusiasts in the province. I'm looking forward to shooting with Lori in the spring as well.

 - Ontario Muscle is a platform whose sole reason for being is to promote those on a fitness journey in Ontario. The focus of Ontario Muscle ranges from those exercising and changing their eating habits for the first time to those entering the most prestigious of fitness related events. All deserve encouragement and promotion for the hard work they do each and every day!

- Mark Ruddick Photography is a full service London, Ontario photographer who specializes in fitness, boxing and mma photography

Couple Fitness Shoot Video

Last month I did a couples fitness shoot with Rob & Kristy. He's a personal trainer and she's a fitness competitor. I've shot with them both before and we have a very relaxed, friendly vibe. I had a video of the session made to show potential clients how fun and easy a fitness session is. I hope you enjoy.

Couples fitness shoot with Internet Famous Sportswear.
Video shot and edited by Elijah Agathos (eagathos93@gmail.com) 

You can see the final images here.

Fitness Weekend

The Ontario Physique Association is holding the Natural Provincial Championships in London, ON this weekend. It is a busy weekend for me as I am having 15 people come through the studio this weekend for shoots, including a number of competitors I have shot before. It is an exciting time and I'm looking forward to it. 

Below are a couple of pictures from last year's fitness weekend.

Mary Valid


France Berube

Tank Fitness

Athletes and Models Magazine

Athletes and Models Magazine published some of my photos of fitness competitor Ilona. We shot in May just after here show. (I mean just after, she came from the show to the studio) It was good shoot and she had a surprising amount of energy for just having competed.

Summer Issue

Model: Melissa Vienneau Photographer: Healthy Vision Photography

These images are the ones I took of Ilona.

Going to be Shooting with Kristy (Fitness)

I've shot with Kristy a bunch of times now and this Thursday she's driving down from Oshawa to shoot with me again. We'll be shooting at Old East Village Fitness, a great place to shoot and to train. If all goes well we'll be shooting for an ad for one of her sponsors tomorrow. She's a great model to shoot with and has become a friend over the course of the last couple of years. Kristy is next competing at the OPA Natural Provincials in August. We're going to try and bring her passion for fitness to life in the photos. Makeup will be done by Melissa O'Leary.

Men's Fitness Photography with Damiano

I had a great fitness shoot with Damiano just after his second place finish at the OPA Stephaine Worsfold Classic in London, ON. We shot at Powerhouse Training Systems. He was awesome to shoot with and really stood out from the other competitors with his beard.

Post Show Ads

I've been working on a series of ads to book some more fitness work. Many of my friends have been sharing the first one on Facebook. I'm going to be working with Ontario Muscle (Instagram: OntarioMuscle) to get the word out. Each ad features one of my fitness pictures. I'm looking forward to shooting with a lot of new people as well as seeing my old friends again this summer.

To check out the special go to www.markruddick.com/may