PAFC 3 - Two Days Out

Posters are done, tickets are mostly sold, fighters are ready. It is shaping up to be a great night of fights at Cowboys Ranch with PAFC. Thanks to Jamie Champion for having me out, we've worked together a bunch of times over the last 2 years and he was the first promoter to get me to shoot his show.

  • 155lb Title Fight
    Adrian Brown vs Adam Weber
  • 145lb Title Fight
    Shane Monaghan vs Kyle Brockett
  • Scott Lamont vs Calvin Riddick-Primo
  • Brandon Collings vs Sean Meade
  • Randi Field vs MacKenna Van Boekel
  • Tyler Prudhomme vs Micheal Gigglioti
  • Nate Grotenhuis vs Jeremy Fuchs
  • Michael Guermoudi vs Mateo McFarland
  • Jesse Vigario vs Kyle Kerr
  • Jack Le vs Jamie Flick
  • Gino Ghalapardez vs Kris Archer

It was fun designing and shooting the posters. Always great to meet the fighters.