Athletic Nudes with Sonny

I had put out a call for participants in my Athletic Nude series and Sonny responded. He said he was moving to London the next week for a job. Little did either of us know at the time his job was in the same building as my studio, so that was a really funny coincidence. We only had a very short time to shoot but I think we will set up a part two of this shoot for the series.

Showing the core thickness

We always start with a good back shot.

Using side light to highlight the physique.

Full body picture.

Stretching out to show the hamstrings

Great way to display the shoulder thickness

Great way to display the shoulder thickness

- The Athletic Implied Nudes series is an exploration of the human body under muscle stress— understanding the body’s strength, flexibility, and power. Clean backgrounds, hard lighting, and black & white photography work together to eliminate distractions and highlight the muscle groups and figure of my subjects.

Beginning with Mixed Martial Artists and Boxers, I have developed my technique to capture rapidly firing muscle groups at high speed in front of the lens. The resulting instinct for timing fight photography has lead to an ability to freeze my subjects at the peak of their motion. Discovering a better understanding of the human form with this project has transitioned into my commercial fitness work, maximizing composition and positioning to best showcase the human form.