Long Exposure Dance Shoot with Deanna

I'd like to start off with saying thank you to Sean Allott, over the past couple of years he has taught me so much about photographic lighting. (Amongst other things) His continued support and guidance has made me a better photographer. One of the first things he taught me was "model safety is very important, model comfort is not, just get the shot" The other night he showed me mixed continuous and strobe lighting to show motion trails on a moving subject. It was a very cool lighting experiment for me. It's important to experiment and grow your skill set.

The model for this photo shoot was Deanna. We played around with some dance moves and other poses. She was super patient as I was learning a new lighting setup while using a camera I had never shot with before. I think we got some really cool looking shots and next time I will definitely be better and more creative with the process.

Makeup for the shoot was courtesy of Melissa O Makeup

I played around with mixed continuous light and strobes for different visual effects as well as multiple strobes fires within the same exposure.

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