Aerial Silks with Suzy & Dustina

I had to opportunity to work with two of the instructors from The Pole House, located in the same building as my studio. Suzy is a pole dance instructor and Dustina is an aerial instructor. Both ladies were really talented and this way my first attempt at shooting aerial silks so I stayed with a pretty safe lighting scheme. Afterward we broke out the fog machine for some more dramatic images. I think we got some good pictures. Thanks to Wendy for assisting that night.

Inverted Splits

Great flexibility and strength

A simple shape makes for great lines

- London Dance Photo - I am Mark Ruddick, an experienced photographer working in London, ON. I enjoy photographing dancers and really appreciate the athleticism and artistry involved. Coming from a fight photography background, I have developed my technique to capture rapidly moving subjects at high speed in front of the lens. The resulting instinct for timing fight photography has lead to an ability to capture my subjects at the peak of their motion in an artistic way.

Let me capture the photos that move you.