PAFC 4 - Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night is PAFC 4 at the London Music Hall. You can't buy tickets, but you can watch the PPV. This card is stacked with 4 belts being handed out. Top to bottom exciting fights. I'm really looking forward to the fights which range from Strawweight all the way to Super Heavyweight. I was glad to be part of the team for photographing and making the event posters. In addition I did up a banner for one of the fight teams participating.

Good luck tomorrow to all of the combatants.

Main Event
Light-Heavyweight Title Fight (205)
Nathan Grotenhuis vs. Tyler Kerr

Co-Main Event
Middleweight Title Fight (185)
Michael Guermoudi vs. Tobin Cornelius

Super-Heavyweight Title Fight (265+)
Lawrence Bonds vs. Jeff Fuchs

Strawweight Title Fight (115)
Tia Ardemia Biason vs. Anniestasia Nikolakakos

Calvin Reddick-Primo Vs. Scott Lamont

Leo Rodriguez vs. Gino Ghalehpardaz

Cody Chovancek vs. Jessie McPhee

Noah Crosswell vs. Matty Hovorka

Eugene Frisa vs. Ahmed Shishani

Courtney Hoefnagels vs. Colleen Mayson

Nigel Crosswell vs. Nate Ledger

Justin Ritchie vs. Bruce Miano

Isabelle Lacroix vs. Karolyn Pham