9 Questions to ask your Fitness Photographer

9 Questions to ask your Fitness Photographer

  1. Do you have a style?
    Does your photographer have a style of picture they do best. Some photographers specialize in soft fitness boudoir and some are hardcore gym pictures. My own personal style is posed studio style with putting muscles under load. I really like to show off strength and athleticism using hard contrasting lights to carve out the muscle. I’m definitely able to shoot on location or outdoors for fitness.

  2. Do you shoot on location or in studio?
    Does the photographer have a studio, or a location they shoot in? I have a studio setup for fitness photo shoots, located inside of an 8000 sq. ft. fight gym which I have access to use as well. In addition I routinely rent out private gyms to photograph in and can always find the right location for our fitness shoot.

  3. What experience do you have? How long have you been shooting fitness / how did you start?
    Does your photographer know the best way to bring out your abs? Are they used to the different energy levels while in and out of competition? Do they have 100’s of fitness photo shoots worth of experience? I’ve been photographing fitness since 2014 covering 100’s of photo shoots during that time. I’ve photographed every type of athletic body out there and know how to maximize it in pictures.

  4. Are you good with posing clients / pose ideas?
    If this is your first shoot does your photographer know how to pose you? Can they isolate a muscle group with lighting and pose. Do they have ideas. I have 100’s of fitness photo shoots under my belt and am great at posing people to best show off their physique. Please look at my references.

  5. References?
    Does you photographer have references? What do people have to say about the pictures and the experience. I have dozens of testimonials and you’re always free to contact any client of mine you see on social media. I’m proud of the work I’ve done.

  6. Money back guarantee?
    Is the photographer you are using offer a money-back guarantee of their work? Are they confident enough in their skills to back it up? I offer a guarantee. “As a self employed photographer, I take great pride in my work, and I want to make sure you’re impressed with the service you get. In fact, absolutely delighted, with the final product. What does that mean? Simply this: If you aren’t happy with my work, I’ll give you a full refund. Many photographers don’t guarantee their work at all! But to me, nothing is more important than your complete and total satisfaction. I stand behind every photo shoot 100%. If you ever have any questions or concerns about my work, please call me right away.”

  7. Do they have insurance?
    Weights, lights, cords, equipment, motion, sure something could go wrong. Are you covered if something does? I carry liability, equipment and property insurance to make sure that my clients and myself are covered in the case of an accident.

  8. What images do you get / cost?

    How many / what images do you get for the money you are spending. I make sure to spell it out for my clients what they are getting in return for the photography fees. Don’t be surprised, ask.

  9. What are their turn around times?
    How soon do you get your images? I like to get you a teaser image the day of the shoot as I’m downloading the cards to my archives. You get your proofs within a week of the photo shoot and your edited images 2 weeks after you let me know which ones you would like edited.