Poolside with April

Internationally published model April Hutchinson and I decided to shoot in her pool last night. She of course killed it. We did a lot of natural light, but I did bring along a little flash to just make things pop. Speedlight and an 18" softbox helped light her up. Tonight was a lot about playing around with various styles, lighting, patterns, perspectives etc.

We're planing on submitting images from the session and working on our next photo shoot.

After getting some great images, she showed me some of her latest photos. As good a model she is, she's a better photographer. Her photography skills are so good and her bookshelf is littered with books than she's been published in.

April up on the pool, the blue water really made her eyes pop.

Patterns, shapes, colours and perspective

Strong colours, strong poses, strong images

I swear the wall was about to fall down

I swear the wall was about to fall down