Dance Session with Aaron

Dancer Aaron Lemay was brought into the studio to test some lighting schemes with jumps. He performed great and I got the images I was looking for.

Leaping away from the light.

Making shapes in the air.

Strength and grace

Russian jump

- London Dance Photo - I am Mark Ruddick, an experienced photographer working in London, ON. I enjoy photographing dancers and really appreciate the athleticism and artistry involved. Coming from a fight photography background, I have developed my technique to capture rapidly moving subjects at high speed in front of the lens. The resulting instinct for timing fight photography has lead to an ability to capture my subjects at the peak of their motion in an artistic way.

Let me capture the photos that move you.

Athletic Shoot with Sebastian

I had contacted Sebastin a couple of months ago about getting together to photograph my implied nude athletic series. He liked the concept and the images but was a little unsure because he's an actor. I completely understood his hesitation and left it with him. We ended up reconnecting a month later and he said lets do it, so last weekend I brought him into studio.

I am humbled by the trust he put in me and my work. Sebastian is a complete class act and total professional to work with. Rather than go on I'll leave you with Sebastian's beautiful words on how he felt about the first image he got back.

Why?... Why this image?

I think it has to do with how life strips us down to all we really are sometimes.
It's about losing everything this past few years
and starting over with all that's left. .

It's about how a person begins to fight their way back, leaping naked and fearless into the world, with all the strength they have in them and seeing nothing through the dark.

When all a person thinks they are is stripped away, it starts from this, from all they ever really were - just a body, just a mind... just a will to fight for something more.

When the elements that define most people are lost - belief systems, relationships, titles
and things that give comfort - what remains? Your art forms, your ideas, your passion - 
these are all you hold inside you when you begin again.

And what about the Bo staff? 
Learning to wield it came to make sense, because what else but a stick is available when all else is stripped away?

When life lays us bare we have no tools, no weapons. 
We use what's on the ground and dive into the fight with whatever is at hand.

We're born with nothing, so it makes sense that some find a rebirth the same way,
leaping into life stripped of everything, but the stuff God gave us to start with.

Athletic Figure Shoot with Angela

I had the opportunity to work with Angela Shen yesterday on my implied nude athletic series. Angela is a former track athlete and had some great poses. She worked really hard as some of the poses / movements were challenging. She is a great model and I am really please how these images turned out.

The images were shot on a black background, generally a 3 light setup with strong rim lighting. F11 / 1/200th / ISO 100.

Athlete Series

I am working on a long term project with different athletes to photograph their physiques in implied nudes in black and white. The main point is to show off the power and athleticism and not to be salacious. Tyrone was an awesome model for this project and really impressed me with this jumps and body control. Also he could spin the basketball on his finger, which was really cool.

I am looking for athletes, male and female, from any athletic discipline for this project. Contact me if interested.