Fitness Shoot with Paul and Brittany

I did a fitness shoot with Paul Teixeria and Brittany Tavares the other week. We met up at Showtyme Fitness in London, ON for the shoot. Showtyme is always a great host for these shoots. I've shot there maybe a dozen times in the last couple of years. Paul is also the US Sales Manager for Nutrabolics.

Paul and Brittany came in fantastic shape for the shoot. There was lots of positive energy and they really worked at their poses as I worked to engage their muscles for the shoot. Overall we got some killer pictures. A week later we did a second session to get some more pictures just before the off season.

Paul and Brittany posing together

Paul getting his pump on

Staring down the competition

Paul, just jacked to hell

Showing off the guns

Lifting and flexing

- Mark Ruddick Photography is a full service London, Ontario photographer who specializes in fitness, bodybuilding and fight photography

Sparring at Boomerz

I dropped in at Boomerz Boxing Club in London, ON tonight to check out sparring. It was a quiet night so I got lots of opportunity to talk with Lawrence Boom about all things boxing. He's a man that has seen it all in the sport. He was the first gym owner to welcome me in to shoot pictures of his boxers and facility and I've come in many times over the past couple of years. Everyone at Boomerz is extremely welcoming. My friend and insanely talented photographer April Hutchinson came with me. It is always a pleasure watching her work.

Fitness Weekend

It was a busy weekend, I had 3 fitness shoots and shot a clothing line. Saturday night I was in studio with a bikini class competitor, Sunday was gym shoots with a physique competitor who took 2nd in his class and a grand masters bikini competitor who won her class of 12. We also shot a behind the scenes video of the one session that will come out in a month or so. That was a lot of fun, once I forgot the cameras were on me this time. Thanks to Lucky Horseshoe Films for making the trip. We ended the weekend with a trip to Toronto to shoot a bunch of male models in the gym, featuring gym wear. I'll be showing some of the pictures over the next week and a bit.