ACE Fights

I went down to MAFA in Mississauga yesterday to shoot promo pictures for ACE Fights. I shot ACE's first show back in March of 2015 and I'll be shooting their next show on Nov 11th at Nashville North.

It's always fun to hang out with a bunch of fighters getting ready for an event. I'm looking forward to the show.

Fooling around in between takes.

Throwback to the first ACE Fighting show in March, 2015.

Couple Fitness Shoot Video

Last month I did a couples fitness shoot with Rob & Kristy. He's a personal trainer and she's a fitness competitor. I've shot with them both before and we have a very relaxed, friendly vibe. I had a video of the session made to show potential clients how fun and easy a fitness session is. I hope you enjoy.

Couples fitness shoot with Internet Famous Sportswear.
Video shot and edited by Elijah Agathos ( 

You can see the final images here.

Fitness Shoot

A few more with fitness model Samuel. I'm looking forward to working with him on some more projects in the near future.

United Boxing

I was down at the Hershey Centre, in Mississauga, on the weekend photographing fights for United Boxing. 6 good matches in total. It is always a fun time shooting in the GTA.

Winners were Jessie Wilcox, Abokan Bokpe, Josh O'Reilly, Aurey Cox, Kevin Higson, Brandon Cook.

Steve "The Renegade" Rainford

I met Steve back in 2014 and have shot 2 of his 3 professional fights and countless bouts where he has cornered, refereed or judged plus a promotional shoot. Steve climbs back into the ring Saturday night in Mississauga in a rematch vs. Aurey Cox. There first fight was close and this one should be better. Best of Luck Steve and I'll be ringside Saturday.

Ontario Boxing Hall of Fame

This weekend I will be shooting the Ontario Boxing Hall of Fame induction ceremony and fights in Mississauga, ON.  11 people will be inducted at this inaugural event. The Ontario Boxing Association will have a amateur boxing show prior to the event, which I will be shooting. In addition I designed the Hall of Fame plaques that will be used for the event.