Athletes and Models Magazine

Gym Boss Feature

I was thinking a couple of months back that in the London area there are a lot of kick ass women who own gyms in the area. I came up with the idea of shooting a gym boss feature of women who run gyms. Athletes and Models Magazine loved the idea and gave me a feature to run with. There are a lot of other gyms I didn't get to this time and I think we'll try and make it a quarterly feature in the magazine.

Download the digital edition here.

Sara - Old East Village Fitness

Nicole - Body Design Fitness

Chelsey - Powerhouse Training Systems

Emma - Femme Force Fitness

Katerina - REPS Sports and Fitness Training

Athletes & Models Magazine Cover

I had the opportunity to shoot the cover for Athletes and Models Magazine for their Fall edition. You can download the digital edition here.

Athletes and Models Magazine celebrates the beauty of fitness models and the dedication and hard work of the athletes. Their photocentric style of media is intended to bring you, our readers visually appealing photos, articles, editorials and over all brilliant looking, well informed content.

Athletes and Models Magazine

Athletes and Models Magazine published some of my photos of fitness competitor Ilona. We shot in May just after here show. (I mean just after, she came from the show to the studio) It was good shoot and she had a surprising amount of energy for just having competed.

Summer Issue

Model: Melissa Vienneau Photographer: Healthy Vision Photography

These images are the ones I took of Ilona.