Amateur Boxing

Lawrence Boom Memorial Boxing Show

On November 3rd we honoured Lawrence Boom with a boxing show at Boomerz x Warriors Boxing in London, ON. In addition to the boxing we raised over $2,000 for ChildCan. It was a great night of fights and the place was completely packed.

Fight #1

Fight #2

Fight #3

Fight #4

Fight #5

Fight #6

Fight #7

Fight #8

Fight #9

Fight #10

Fight #11

Fight #12

Fight #13 - easily fight of the night

Fight #14

Boxing at Warriors

Amateur boxing at Warriors Boxing and Fitness on Saturday night, sanctioned by Boxing Ontario. There were 12 exciting fights and some really good match making. I was ring side for the hostilities. Here are a couple of the select images.

Dan getting hit with a clean punch

Even the bucket has an opinion.

Straight left between the gloves.

Sunday Sparring at Warrior's Boxing and Fitness

Some people go to church, some people box on Sundays. It's always busy at Warrior's on Sunday mornings as female boxers from all over the region come for sparring. Always fun to get out for this morning and have some fun. 

- Mark Ruddick Photography is a full service London, Ontario photographer who specializes in fitness, boxing and mma photography

Sparring at Warriors

I went down to Warriors' Boxing and Fitness today to shoot some promo pictures for their upcoming show. While there, some good and lively sparring was taking I had to take pictures. It was a great morning of boxing, like my assistant said, it was a little like church in there today.

- Mark Ruddick Photography is a full service London, Ontario photographer who specializes in fitness, boxing and mma photography

Warriors Boxing Show with Boxing Ontario

Earlier this month amateur boxing returned to London with the first show of 2016. I had to be there and a lot of other people turned out as well. It was the pre-Christmas boxing event in London. Warriors Boxing hosted the Boxing Ontario event. 11 competitive fights that night on the card. One extra cool thing was Donovan "Razor" Ruddock was cornering his son in the second fight of the evening. It was a lot of fun getting back to a local club for a show. Rob Caron is a great guy if you're looking to train in boxing in London, Ontario. Politics aside in Ontario's amateur boxing world, both organizations do a fantastic job of matchmaking. The fights are competitive and safe. A couple of shout outs, one to Julia for arranging the round card girls who looked great wearing Elizabeth Noel and to Miguel Estrada on his win. I'm looking forward to more boxing events in London in 2017.

Teaser Images for Athletic Series with MacKenna

Boxer / Kick boxer MacKenna came into studio a couple of weeks ago to shoot some general purpose images and for my implied nude athlete series. MacKenna's a natural athlete with good body awareness in space. We hit the standard poses and then tried for a couple fun ones.

My First Boxing Show

September 7, 2014 - Boomerz Boxing Club puts on a Charity Boxing match for or Leukemia and Lymphoma research. It is a Charity close to the Heart of Lawrence Boom. This was my first boxing show ever for photography. I was welcomed be a lot of great people and it was interesting to go back through and see how many of the people from this event I've got to know. I enjoy the amateur boxing and I hope to keep shooting it for fun, even though the light is always challenging.

Here are a few of my favourites from that day.

Ontario Boxing Hall of Fame Fights

In conjunction with the Ontario Boxing Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Dameon Okposio put on 9 fights sanctioned by the Ontario Boxing Association. There were some great fights and I always love shooting the action.

Ontario Boxing Hall of Fame

This weekend I will be shooting the Ontario Boxing Hall of Fame induction ceremony and fights in Mississauga, ON.  11 people will be inducted at this inaugural event. The Ontario Boxing Association will have a amateur boxing show prior to the event, which I will be shooting. In addition I designed the Hall of Fame plaques that will be used for the event.